Monday, May 2, 2011

Purse for My Nana

My mom was in town last month for a month for my Nana's birthday.  She brought fabric to make her mom two dresses (moomos).  She had extra fabric left over and I made my Nana this purse from Keyka Lou's Pixie Pattern.  

Here is the matching dress my mom made.

This is the second dress my mom made for her mom, my Nana loves cats.
My mom gave me her extra fabric and I made B a matching tunic. 

She likes cats too but I think she was more excited to have a matching dress with Nana.

I love the way the puffed sleeves came out.  I use to make a casing in the fabric by turning it under and then pulling the elastic through.  Now I just finish the raw edge with an overlock stitch and then pin elastic loop evenly on the edge and fold the fabric over and sew directly on the elastic with a stretch stitch while stretching the elastic loop to fit to each pin.  Mush less bulk and time saving as well.

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