Friday, May 20, 2011

Spring/Summer Outfits KCWC (a little late)

Here are my outfits for Kids Clothing Week Challenge.  I know I'm a week late in posting but last week was my birthday and I was sewing for myself too, I'll post that later.  So we finally had some nice weather and the kids were able to wear their new outfits to the park and I was able to get some pics, and use my birthday present.  I got a Nikon D5000, I'm still just using the auto setting but I love it.  I can not wait to learn how to really use it.

Breanna's Butterfly outfit.

Breanna really needed some shorts but I do not like the tiny little short ones they sell.  I used a McCall pattern and lengthen them to a walking short style.  The fabric is a light twill I bought at Joan's a few years ago.  For her shirt I used a thin knit material straps, I did not have enough so I had to add a band and trim it in a dark purple.  I love how it ended up turning out.  I used under wonder for the butterflies and then sewed them on. 

Nolan's Baseball Outfit
Nolan's shirt I bought at Hobby Lobby for $1.50.  The ball ball is a piece of white interlock, I ironed on some fusible fleece to the back and then embroidered the red stitching on the ball.  Then I freezer paper stenciled the words Play Ball.

His shorts I made using my husband's old work shirt.  It is just a simple elastic waist and has large side cargo pockets.  One of the pockets have a baseball glove, bat and ball patch.  He love the patch but thinks it's a sticker and wants to put it on his shirt. 

There's a little peek at the patch.


I have made a few more outfits for the summer that I will be sharing.

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