Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Graduation Outfit and Gift

My baby girl graduated from preschool today.  I can not believe she will be in Kindergarten at the end of summer. 
I made her the tunic and leggings for the last day of preschool and graduation.  The fabric is from Chez Ami and the tunic and the leggings are from the pattern McCalls M6019.  I really like the finish of the tunic, most of the seams are hidden.  I added a little iron-on monkey to the front and now the outfit is referred to her monkey dot dress.
So cute she looks, my big soon to be Kindergartner. 

I made her teacher a purse and Breanna has so excited to give it to her and tell her 'there are green apples inside too just what teachers like'.  The outside of the purse is a natural linen and it's lined in a cotton, made with a self drafted pattern. 

The small clutch is acturally a pretty nice size.  This is the forth metal frame purse I have made and this one has came out the best by far.  The ddifferences being, the pattern (still not perfect yet), I used light weight interfacing on the linen, then sew-in fleece in between the layers, and experience in gluing the purse in the frame (I did not have to pick glue off the fabric).  I think I might have to just make myself one now. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Pajama Party

Breanna had a Pajama party at preschool last month and because they could take a doll or animal she wanted me to make her doll pajamas.  So I made them matching pajamas, Breanna was actually in need of some spring/summer pajamas.  I did not have a pattern for a doll and I wanted it to be very simple and fast.   So I just cut out a trapezoid and then cut two holes for the arms and did a tight zigzag around the edges to keep them from fraying.  Then I added a raffle at the bottom and a bow on the front to look like hers and iron on Velcro down the back. 

Pretending to sleep.

Since both, Breanna's and the dolls, pajamas went together so fast and I had fun making it, I made some pajama bottoms for Nolan.  He was so excited to have me make him something I had a hard time getting him to stay still for a picture.  He has being a tiger or lion.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

More Spring/Summer Outfits

Breanna's new favorite shirt, the flower pin shirt, she named it.  The shirt I got at Target for $2.  It was a XXL shirt that I cut apart, saving and using the hem.  I just used a simple peasant shirt pattern and lengthened it to the hem of the shirt.  I left the hem off the sleeves and they just rolled up a little.  Such an easy shirt, I love Target clearance, but it needed something to make it special and stand out.  So I made a felt flower and the flower pin shirt was born.

The flower was made using wool felt blend, I really like the feel of the wool.  I just made 5 different size three petal flower pinched them in the center of each petal and sew a few stitches to give them some depth and then sewed them together with a aqua button.  I pinned it to the shirt so it can be removed before washing. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Spring/Summer Outfits KCWC (a little late)

Here are my outfits for Kids Clothing Week Challenge.  I know I'm a week late in posting but last week was my birthday and I was sewing for myself too, I'll post that later.  So we finally had some nice weather and the kids were able to wear their new outfits to the park and I was able to get some pics, and use my birthday present.  I got a Nikon D5000, I'm still just using the auto setting but I love it.  I can not wait to learn how to really use it.

Breanna's Butterfly outfit.

Breanna really needed some shorts but I do not like the tiny little short ones they sell.  I used a McCall pattern and lengthen them to a walking short style.  The fabric is a light twill I bought at Joan's a few years ago.  For her shirt I used a thin knit material straps, I did not have enough so I had to add a band and trim it in a dark purple.  I love how it ended up turning out.  I used under wonder for the butterflies and then sewed them on. 

Nolan's Baseball Outfit
Nolan's shirt I bought at Hobby Lobby for $1.50.  The ball ball is a piece of white interlock, I ironed on some fusible fleece to the back and then embroidered the red stitching on the ball.  Then I freezer paper stenciled the words Play Ball.

His shorts I made using my husband's old work shirt.  It is just a simple elastic waist and has large side cargo pockets.  One of the pockets have a baseball glove, bat and ball patch.  He love the patch but thinks it's a sticker and wants to put it on his shirt. 

There's a little peek at the patch.


I have made a few more outfits for the summer that I will be sharing.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Purse for My Nana

My mom was in town last month for a month for my Nana's birthday.  She brought fabric to make her mom two dresses (moomos).  She had extra fabric left over and I made my Nana this purse from Keyka Lou's Pixie Pattern.  

Here is the matching dress my mom made.

This is the second dress my mom made for her mom, my Nana loves cats.
My mom gave me her extra fabric and I made B a matching tunic. 

She likes cats too but I think she was more excited to have a matching dress with Nana.

I love the way the puffed sleeves came out.  I use to make a casing in the fabric by turning it under and then pulling the elastic through.  Now I just finish the raw edge with an overlock stitch and then pin elastic loop evenly on the edge and fold the fabric over and sew directly on the elastic with a stretch stitch while stretching the elastic loop to fit to each pin.  Mush less bulk and time saving as well.