Thursday, October 13, 2011

KCWC Day 2 & 3

I'm on a role, finished a shirt for Nolan on Tuesday and a dress for Breanna on Wednesday.  I just need to make something today but I have nothing planned as of yet.  I ended up not needing to babysit my cousin's kid so I should have something done in no time, something simple.

Nolan loves Batman, is an understatement.  I refashioned the shirt from my husband's thermal shirt, he recently went through his clothes and I found a few good things. I still have plenty of the black thermal to use for another project.  I used the same shirt pattern from the firetruck shirt.  It defiantly came out much bigger even though I made the same size.  I hope it might shrink up a little after the wash, it seems to have stretch quiet a bit while sewing. 

The shirt took about an hour to sew at the most.  I love refashions, I used the original hem and cuffs. 

This is his Batman pose.

I have had the apple fabric, bought from Chez Ami, and tiered dress planned for over a year now.  I'm so glad that I actually sewed it as it is even cuter then I imagined.  The pattern is adaptive from Mari's Play Dress.  I made it bigger, about size 6x, since it only went to size 5 and added width in the tiers so that it twilled more.  I have made a few other dresses and tunics using this pattern and love it.  I have also made Cameron's Tunic from the same site and love the square neck line, I should make another soon.

 The brown poke-a-dot under sleeves are refashioned from a long sleeve dress that no longer fit her.  So adding them to the edge of the cap sleeves add the perfect length, and the best part they were already finished with an elastic gathered hem.

 I got luck with these pair Gymboree  tights.  I found them at a consignment sale last week for $2, brand new in packaging.  The only down size was that they were a size 10, well that actually turned out to be a plus.  Breanna does not care for tights, they feel funny at the feet.  Since I cut the feet off the tights and hemmed them so that they would fit she loves them and now has requested that I do the same to her other tights.

I love that she, and Nolan, are always so excited to wear the clothes I make them:)
I'm off the decide what I'm going to make for day 4.  Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

KCWC Day 1

Well it's been forever since I have blogged but I'm back and I have KCWC  to thank for it.  I have been sewing and crafting a lot this summer I just never got a round to posting anything (or maybe I just was being lazy).  I will post a couple summary pages of what I made the last few months soon.  
For day one I made a long sleeve shirt for my son.  The pattern was from Ottobre spring 2010 #22.  The fabric I bought at a one off store in Portland.  I originally was going to use the firetruck material as the body and the grey as the sleeves but thought it would look cuter with a stincel on the front.  I'm glad I made the change, I really love how the firetruck turned out.  I found the image of the truck online and then re-sized it, printed and traced on to freezer paper.  I did not have any black fabric paint so I used a fabric pen.  

He loves his shirt.  I usually make stuff for Breanna so he was extremely happy when I told him it was his.  He wanted to wear it right away, so it was a blessing I used a marker instead of paint, since it dried very quick.