Tuesday, October 11, 2011

KCWC Day 1

Well it's been forever since I have blogged but I'm back and I have KCWC  to thank for it.  I have been sewing and crafting a lot this summer I just never got a round to posting anything (or maybe I just was being lazy).  I will post a couple summary pages of what I made the last few months soon.  
For day one I made a long sleeve shirt for my son.  The pattern was from Ottobre spring 2010 #22.  The fabric I bought at a one off store in Portland.  I originally was going to use the firetruck material as the body and the grey as the sleeves but thought it would look cuter with a stincel on the front.  I'm glad I made the change, I really love how the firetruck turned out.  I found the image of the truck online and then re-sized it, printed and traced on to freezer paper.  I did not have any black fabric paint so I used a fabric pen.  

He loves his shirt.  I usually make stuff for Breanna so he was extremely happy when I told him it was his.  He wanted to wear it right away, so it was a blessing I used a marker instead of paint, since it dried very quick.  

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