Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Otto Sew-Along

I have been wanting to sew a pattern from an Ottobre magazine but have been to intimidated by the patterns and the lack of pictures and directions.  When I saw Sugar Cubes and Spice Cake was doing a sew along with a one of the pattern I decided it was time to buy one of the magazine.  The pattern is called "Vaahtokarkki" gingham blouse 1/2010.  It is super cute and I had never done a button down shirt with a collar before but have been wanting to.   Sandra from Sugar Cubes lengthened the shirt and made a dress, I did a bad job cutting mine out and ended up with not enough fabric to make it a dress.  I will have to make my next one a dress.  I used pearl snaps instead of button to give it a little bit of a western look.

My daughter loves her pink cowgirl boots but she did not really have an outfit to go with them, that does not stop her from wearing them with everything.  I also mad her a denim skirt to complete the outfit.  The skirt is just a simple drop waist skirt with a full gather panel attached.  I added a decorative scroll stitch at the hem.

I love this shirt and will be making another very soon.  I have plans to make a couple of the other patterns in the magazine for my daughter and son.  Thank you Sandra for the great sew along and for introducing me to the Ottobre designs.
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  1. It looks really great! I can't believe that is your first collar and button down shirt--you did a beautiful job :)

  2. Lovely! I love your choice of fabric! Isn't it funny how we sew to match our kid's favorite wearables? Sandra is right, you did wonderfully on your first button-down shirt!

  3. Adorable and just perfect for those pink cowgirl boots!

  4. Hi there, I just found your blog by blog hopping.

    What a pretty top! It looks great on your daughter.