Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mermaid Softies

My daughter just turned 5 and wanted a mermaid birthday party, but not a Little Mermaid party.  There is not much out there except The Little Mermaid when it comes to party stuff, so I had little to work with.  I think it came out so cute and I really liked the originality of it. 
She wanted a bunch of art activities and the 'Build a Mermaid' is one of the activities I came up with.  I started out with the Mermaiden Tutorial from Wee Wonderful and made wraps, gemmed flowers, and necklaces and had a variety of buttons for the girls to choose from.  Because I had to make 9 mermaidens I drew on the faces with fabric pens instead of hand embroidery and I machine sewed the tails together, instead of hand sewing them.  They turned out super cute and even cuter once the girls decorated them. 

Before the girls dressed up the mermaids.  Still super cute with all the frills.  My daughter played with them before the party and wanted me to make more for her to have a school of mermaiden.  But really I was mermaided out.  I had a couple extras so she at least got 3 sisters mermaid
They are all ready for the under water ball.

The girls loved dressing up their mermaids and each one unique.  

Happy birthday to my 5 year old baby.
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