Saturday, March 12, 2011

Knit and Minky Rick-Rack Blanket Tutorial

This blanket is so sweet with the pink rick-rack sandwiched between a soft interlock and fuzzy minke.  Just blissful.  I made this one for my cousins baby girl.  I have made knit and minke blankets for my babies and they where always my favorite.  This is the first one that I added the rick-rack and I can't wait to make another one, boy version, for a friend's baby shower at the end of the month.  If you never made a blanket with knit and minke you really should try it out.  Here is a little tutorial. 
1 yard of Interlock
1 yard of Minke
4 yards of Jumbo Rick-Rack
Make sure you wash both of your material in warm water.  I cut 35 x 35 inch square of both materials.   I also like to round off the corners of my baby blankets, especially when using stretchy material.  It will help hide any miss match if the materials stretch while you are sewing a little, I heard a walking foot really helps with this but I don't own one.
Finish one end of your rick-rack, sorry forget to take a picture.

Lay out you interlock face up and start pinning the rick-rack along the edge, starting with the end that you finished.

I used quit a bit of pins especially around the corners.  I would have brought the rick-rack further into the blanket, so that the material stuck out about a 1/4 inch from the rick-rack.  When you get to the starting point leave an extra 5 inches of rick-rack, the blanket will stretch a little as you sew and you don't want to end up short.

Attaching the Rick-Rack to the interlock fabric.  Baste the rick-rack to the interlock, starting an inch from the finished end of the rick-rack.  You want to sew just to the right of the middle of the rick-rake (close to the edge of the material), making sure you are sewing on the rick-rack the whole way.  A few inches before you get to the other end line up the rick-rack ends together, cutting any extra, and fold in the unfinished end and finish sewing the rick-rack down.

Now that the rick-rack is sewn down to the interlock, lay it down right sides together with the minke and pin together, again I went heavy on the pinning.

Leave a space open for turning right side out.  Sew together, just left, no more then 1/8 inch, of the basting stitches. 


Turn right side out and iron edges and pinning opening closed.  Top stich close to the edge.  I used a stretch zigzag stitch.  It doesn't have to be a stretch stitch, I just like the look of this particular one.

You should have some extra interlock left to make a baby hat if you want. I used Make It and Love It tutorial  Baby Hat.

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