Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Birthday Mermaid Outfit

When B wanted a mermaid Birthday party I knew exactly what material I wanted to buy.  I have been wanting to buy the mermaid fabric by Michael Miller for a while now and I wanted to try out the ruffle fabric that I have been seeing recently in the blogging world.  I found this fabric at Print Knit Studios  it is only $5.50 a yard.  She only has a few colors, and luckily one that matched my mermaid fabric, but the saving are worth it compared to the $14 and up stuff. 

This cake is the reason she wanted a mermaid party in the first place.  She wanted a barbie wrapped in a fruit roll up to create the mermaid tail.

I made the skirt using Dana's circle Skirt tutorial at Dana Made It here, one of my favorite blogs.  She has great directions and my pattern came out great and the skirt was supper easy to make.  Because I used the ruffle material and it is directional I had to cut two half donuts and sew the side seams, otherwise the ruffles would have been upside down and the shear portions would not have been covered by the ruffle.  The skirt did not need to be hemmed.  Next time I would have cut it about two inches longer to give room to remove the ruffle lines that got cut part way.  I lost about an inch and a half when I had to trim the bottom ruffle to even it all out.

For the mermaid shirt I used a basic peasant pattern and added a ribbon across the front and then sewed ribbons in the seams for a tie.  I also added a ruffle from the ruffle material at the cuff.  The whole outfit turned out supper cute and my daughter loved it.

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